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Teen Buzz Radio Interview

I want to thank Danny Salinas with Teen Buzz Radio for having me on their fantastic show today. It’s a very cool show. Talked about subjects of the day, the music scene, I hope y’all can check it out. We even talked about collaborating on a new Death Metal Polka CD. I think I’m going to suggest the title “Polka or Else!” It was a good chance to show off our new guitars. It was great to meet a fellow musician. I can see why Danny and Teen Buzz Radio has such a large... Read More

'God Bless The Child' by Michael Tinholme

“God Bless the Child” is one of those iconic songs that I’ve always wanted to record. I grew up listening to the songs of Billie Holiday. Her original version is so sad and vulnerable. It seems to me that there was that vulnerability in everything Billie Holiday sang. I think it must’ve been that honesty that everyone was drawn to, and that one-of-a-kind voice. As great luck would have it, I had a chance to record the song with some wonderful great musicians and friends.... Read More

The Real Reason Behind 'Moon River' Cover

It wasn’t my idea to record ‘Moon River’. My sister Beth asked me to record it just weeks before she died from breast cancer. I can remember the conversation like it was yesterday. “Michael, you have to record this song, it is perfect for you, the story goes along with your story… and your love for Mark Twain books…. Record it for me!” I wasn’t exactly excited by the proposition of recording ‘Moon River’, so I resisted the idea. I’m... Read More

Mike Garson and Jake Wesley Rogers at The Sun Rose

Magical evening!!! You know you under the spell of great artists, when the audience gets quiet, and every eye is drawn to the  wonderful performance happening right in front of them. When you can see and feel a real love coming from the artists and then, that audience returning that love with excited appreciation. It makes for a magical evening. In an artist and a human being, I don’t think I have ever met anyone that emits more love and compassion than Mike Garson. Mike’s joy... Read More

The Andy & Amanda Show

Hello my dear friends. Tomorrow night Friday, 06-17-2022 I’m really looking forward to appearing again on the Andy & Amanda Show. I really dig what these guys do. They are hysterically funny, witty and charming. I guess that explains why they have such a big and dedicated audience, which I am certainly one. I love our back and forth and I can’t wait. Give love always, it can change everything. Michael Tinholme Read More

TalkTV Interview

I am just thrilled to tell you all that Petrie Hosken’s Late Night show on TalkTV have somewhat compromised their standards in that I will be appearing on Petrie Hosken’s Late Night interview show this coming Tuesday evening, June 14, 2022. My Dad would have been so proud; wow what a journey to these moments. I’m looking forward to talking about the release of ‘Lady Stardust-a Tribute to David Bowie’ featuring Mike Garson of course, my new rock single ‘I Don’t... Read More