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'God Bless The Child' by Michael Tinholme

“God Bless the Child” is one of those iconic songs that I’ve always wanted to record.

I grew up listening to the songs of Billie Holiday. Her original version is so sad and vulnerable. It seems to me that there was that vulnerability in everything Billie Holiday sang. I think it must’ve been that honesty that everyone was drawn to, and that one-of-a-kind voice.

As great luck would have it, I had a chance to record the song with some wonderful great musicians and friends. Featuring Brandon Fields saxophone on “God Bless the Child” is so moving and underscores the songs message by painting such a lyrical picture. Brandon‘s talent and gifts are immense. I’ve been fortunate to record with him several times and I can’t wait to do it again. I’m honored to call Brandon a friend.

Adam Hersh brings such a wonderful piano part on “God Bless the Child” and really helped bring the song into the future. The arrangement is kind of a new take on the piece while still being tied to the song’s roots. Adam plays a wonderful piano solo that lives in both worlds. I love recording with him.

There are many good friends playing on ‘God Bless the Child’, but it starts with a great arrangement by Steve Rawlins and Produced and Engineered so beautifully by Dennis Moody.
The message that is found in ‘God Bless the Child’ is something I appreciate personally. I think that’s why I have always drawn to it.

Give love always, it can change everything.
Michael Tinholme