Michael Tinholme Collage
“Michael Tinholme’s story is the stuff dreams are made of or legend, it’s the stuff that happens in movies.”

Industry titans like the BBC, NPR, USA Today, Radio, and Media around the world have recognized the spark that is Michael Tinholme.

Michael Tinholme’s music is getting Air Play Around the Globe… on Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, and Adult Contemporary radio stations.

A story that spans from despair and homelessness to working with the world's most renowned and accomplished musicians.

Michael Tinholme has emerged as a singer and entertainer that is gaining an enthusiastic audience around the world!!

Biography of Michael Tinholme

Michael Tinholme In Front of House

It was probably decided even before Michael’s birth that he would be a singer and musician.

Michael Tinholme was exposed to music of all styles at a young age. Rock-n-Roll, Gospel, Country, Jazz, and Classical Music were played nonstop in his traveling home. Early in Tinholme’s life, his parents began to notice that he could emulate the singing styles of almost any singer that he heard.

At the age of six, Michael Tinholme began his formal music training with piano. He started playing the drums at ten. Tinholme also plays guitar and continues his study of music to this day.

Tinholme played his first professional gig at the age of 12 years old appeared at clubs in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco.

Michael played regularly at a club called the Four Muses and was encouraged by the owners Jim and Mary Jenkins, who were instrumental in helping to launch the careers of Jackson Browne, Melody Jennifer Warren, and many others.

As a kid, Michael had a friendship with the amazing Scatman Crothers. Scatman saw Michael’s talent and encouraged him to study music and to learn to play as many instruments as possible, write music, and take up acting.

Singled Out Album Cover

Tinholme’s mother suffered from a lifetime of mental illness and spent years of her life and Michael‘s childhood in and out of mental hospitals.

For what seemed like his own self-preservation Michael fled his home at only 15 years of age, to a life on the streets. A journey that lasted six years.

MT hitchhiked up and down the West Coast panhandling and working as a day laborer. Michael picked produce in the Salinas Valley even within sight of his childhood home in the Capistrano Valley.

Michael Tinholme spent time on the streets and in shelters on skid row in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland California.

Years later Michael Tinholme was introduced to Tom Fowler legendary bass player and producer for Ray Charles.

Michael and Kirby Jr.

Tom Fowler became Tinholme’s friend and mentor. Tom helped recruit Dennis Moody world-renowned Producer and Engineer and the most celebrated and accomplished musician in the music business. Together, they produced Michael Tinholme’s exceptional music catalog.

Tinholme’s story gets even better when he was introduced to pianist icon Mike Garson, widely known around the world as David Bowie's piano man for 45 years.

Together they produced ‘Lady Stardust-A Tribute’ to David bowie featuring Mike Garson and Brandon Fields on saxophone. The song has been widely accepted on radio and by Bowie fans everywhere.

As a follow-up, Michael released ‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’. A beautiful song for peace and for our times.  Written by Tinholme’s friend and mentor Mike Garson.

Garson and Tinholme continue their musical friendship and have recorded 15 songs together.

Tinholme and Garson, together are producing another great Bowie song ‘Where are we Now’. To be released in late 2022.

Lullaby for our daughters and I don't want to cry for you anymore album covers

April 2022 Michael Tinholme releases original Rock-n-Roll ballad ‘I Don’t Want to Cry for You Anymore’, featuring Guitar phenomenon Andy Wood and great Bass player Eric Sittner.

Michael Tinholme continues to get the attention of the greatest musicians and producers in the world, where Tinholme’s new collaborations are ongoing.

We hope you’ll stay tuned…because Tinholme’s story only gets better.