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The Real Reason Behind 'Moon River' Cover

It wasn’t my idea to record ‘Moon River’.

My sister Beth asked me to record it just weeks before she died from breast cancer. I can remember the conversation like it was yesterday. “Michael, you have to record this song, it is perfect for you, the story goes along with your story… and your love for Mark Twain books…. Record it for me!”

I wasn’t exactly excited by the proposition of recording ‘Moon River’, so I resisted the idea. I’m like “Beth, I don’t know if it’s right for me, the song was done by Andy Williams and I think he pretty much covered all the bases on it.”

But just like my dear sister, she persisted and insisted that I record it. Then, James Taylor came out with a great version of it, so I was even less enthusiastic about recording it.

But trying to be faithful to my promise to Beth, about a year after she passed, I recorded it with the most wonderful musicians out there.

When working on the arrangement with my good friend Steve Rawlins, I wanted Moon River to feel like a Twain story, of an old wanderer rafting alone down the ‘Big Muddy’ looking for one last adventure into the great unknown. I have to admit that it moved me deeply to sing ‘Moon River’. The song actually helped me grieve for Beth. I guess she knew what she was doing in more ways than one.

Featured pianist on ‘Moon River’ is the great Adam Hersh who is absolutely brilliant, love recording with Adam and the Guitar Master-Mike Miller and Band of Legends.

Give love always, it can change everything.
Michael Tinholme