Michael Tinholme Collage

TalkTV Interview

I am just thrilled to tell you all that Petrie Hosken’s Late Night show on TalkTV have somewhat compromised their standards in that I will be appearing on Petrie Hosken’s Late Night interview show this coming Tuesday evening, June 14, 2022.

My Dad would have been so proud; wow what a journey to these moments.

I’m looking forward to talking about the release of ‘Lady Stardust-a Tribute to David Bowie’ featuring Mike Garson of course, my new rock single ‘I Don’t Want to Cry for You Anymore’ and the beautiful, ‘Lullaby for Our Daughters’ that people are taking so kindly to.

I only hope that Petrie goes gently on me because she is quite the artist with an interview and I’m a crier.

Hope you all tune in to watch me fidget and sweat.

Give love always, it can change everything.

Michael Tinholme