Michael Tinholme Collage

Mike Garson and Jake Wesley Rogers at The Sun Rose

Magical evening!!!

You know you under the spell of great artists, when the audience gets quiet, and every eye is drawn to the  wonderful performance happening right in front of them.

When you can see and feel a real love coming from the artists and then, that audience returning that love with excited appreciation. It makes for a magical evening.

In an artist and a human being, I don’t think I have ever met anyone that emits more love and compassion than Mike Garson. Mike’s joy for making music, and his love for people and these passions just naturally flow out of him, in his life and his music and in his performances.

Jake Wesley Rodgers shares those qualities with Mike Garson. He is magnetic on stage and in his songwriting.
Jake’s love for making music and for people shows through and is infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jake!

Jake is genuinely original in his songwriting as well, Since I caught the show I’ve been listening to his music, there is allot of gold to find there, with songs like “Pluto” And “Middle of Love”and “Lavender Forever”, simply slammin!

Together Mike and Jake put on a wonderful show. I especially loved their performances of Jake’s song “Pluto” and Jakes performance of Nina Simone song “Lilac Wine.” absolutely fantastic!

Mike Garson’s residency at The Sun Rose is a great show.

With great artists such as Jake, Evan Rachel Wood, Judith Hill and many artists that we all know and love join Mike for what makes for nights to remember.

Give love Always, It can change everything!
Michael Tinholme