Thank you Kate sZatmari for Shooting Me!

Over the last several weeks my representation has had me busy with all those non-musical activities needed to promote my upcoming live performances across the country.  Which brings me to the photo shoot.

You would think that someone in the entertainment business would enjoy having their picture taken but the truth is that I’ve always dreaded it. As I’ve mentioned before, any sentence with the word ‘shoot’ in it, as in ‘photo-shoot’ sounds intimidating to me! And it seems that every photo that I have ever taken is a series of red eyes, or an astonished ‘deer in the head-light’ look.  That was until recently when I met a great and gifted photographer by the name of Kate sZatmari. It’s Either that, or she’s extremely good at retouching photo’s.

But seriously, after spending a day with photographer Kate sZatmari, it was very clear that I was in the hands of and working with a gifted artist, with a well trained eye and a great sense of composition. I don’t believe that I’m over stating her ability and I sincerely think that years from now people will put her in the same league as, Annie Leibovitz and Herman Leonard.

It’s either that or I became much better looking over night. Thank you Kate sZatmari for making me feel so comfortable and making me look much better than I am. But still less than I deserve.

Kate, only you shoot me (with a camera) from now on.

Thank you,

Michael Tinholme

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