Please don’t burst into flames!

So there I was at ten in the morning out in sun light in beautiful surroundings at one of the top recording studios, Castle Oaks used by many of the artist I so admire. In fact, one of my biggest influences and favorite singer songwriter, Joni Mitchell had just finished up her latest CD “Shine

I was about to start a week of recording sessions and many sessions to follow with some of the best and most accomplished musicians on the music scene today. Co-Producer and legendary bass player Tom Fowler, Guitar master Mike Miller, the great Gary Novak on drums, Bill Cunliffe Grammy nominated pianist and Grammy nominated Co Producer and recording engineer Dennis Moody.

I felt like Dracula going out into the sunlight after too long. I didn’t quite burst into flames. But I guess the truth is, for a long time I drove a stake into the center of my love and desire to sing and play music. It was something that I’d lost, and in the past, I really had no hopes of finding it again. I couldn’t quite bring myself to believe it was happening. I was thrilled! I was about to record! I thought about all the people who had believed in me, and the ones who wouldn’t be there to hear the music from me that they’d been waiting for. I became overwhelmed and felt somehow that perhaps their waiting had made this day possible.

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