Michael Tinholme “Silver Bells” / Featuring Walt Fowler-Trumpet, Mike Miller-Lead Guitar

From the CD “It’s Christmas Time in the City” by Michael Tinholme
Listeners in Florida tune-In December 18th at 3:00 pm for an interview with your humble singer songwriter Michael Tinholme on WUCF Jazz Radio Orlando Florida. This is one of many radio interviews that I’ll be doing over the next months to talk about music and the good works of Convenent House.

I want to thank all of you out there listening for supporting my music and I especially want to thank the many radio stations around the world for making that possible. In the year 2012 I’m happy to say that my airplay on radio stations around the world has almost doubled thanks to the great support of National Public Radio here in the US and great radio stations across all music formats around the world.

Thank you!
WNYX, New York / KJAZZ, London UK / KJAZZ, Long Beach CA / KSBR, Mission Viejo CA / WJFF, New York / KMXB-CBS Las Vegas / WCZI, New Jersey / WRTI, Philadelphia / WWPJ, New Jersey / WXPR, Wisconsin / KSBX, Spokane WA / KVCR, San Bernadino CA / KCCK, Cedar Rapids / WKLW-FM, Kentucky / KAMU-FM, Texas / WKYU-Jazz Radio, Kentucky / WRAL-FM, Raleigh NC / WKGC, Florida / and so many more great rock, jazz, country and adult contemporary radio stations around the world.

I wish all of you in radio and all of you out there listening a wonderful holiday season and all the love, peace and joy possible.

Michael Tinholme

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