Congratulations and terrific work! Bruce Fowler and Barry Braverman

While I’ve been writing and working on my new CD that will be coming out later this year, as well as rehearsing the band and getting ready to go out on the road in just short weeks from now, two greatly talented people that I happen to know and call friends and have had the great privilege to work with have been busy at continuing to turn out what is just terrific work.

On March 28th I was very fortunate to attend the world movie premier of the new feature film “Seducing Charlie Barker” directed by the very talented director Amy Glazer, produced by Lynn Webb with the movie score by acclaimed film scorer, musician, conductor Bruce Fowler. The film score features an all-star ensemble of some of the greatest jazz musicians on the scene today. “Seducing Charlie Barker” is a sophisticated character study and an examination of human frailties and the many blind sides of some very intelligent people.  This film is defiantly in the great tradition of one of my favorite directors Woody Allen and the film has already received awards and I’m sure will be a favorite to many.

Barry Braverman is widely considered to be one of the top cinematographers, camera man and experts on film production and film technology in the movie business today. Barry is well known for his work on 60 Minutes, HBO, and his work alongside the director Wes Anderson and many others. He is one of the leading educators on how to create impactful, memorable stories in the visual medium with today’s leading camera technology-both digital and film. It’s a great pleasure to congratulate my good friend Barry on his new book “Video Shooter: Story Telling with HD Cameras (2nd Edition)” which is read and used in film schools around the world.

Congratulations and continued success to both of these great talents!

Michael Tinholme

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