December, 2009

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

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Michael Tinholme

It’s Christmas Time in the City

Summary: Traditional exploration of classic jazz standards and one original 

Its Christmas Time in the City CD CoverSinger/songwriter Michael Tinholme has a remarkable personal story, caught between homelessness and privilege. Happily, Tinholme’s fortunes have been on the upswing since 2007, and his It’s Christmas Time in the City is a lovely, rather traditional exploration of classic jazz standards (and one Tinholme original) for the holidays.

Tinholme’s vocals are unique–he sounds like a cross between Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Singing with warm emotion, Tinholme’s slightly nasal tone and stylized pronunciation have a distinctly New York feel. Years ago, I lived in the Big Apple, and listening to Tinholme’s grand renditions put me in Rockefeller Center, admiring the dramatic, towering Christmas tree and the iconic ice rink. Ah, Christmas time in New York City is something special indeed!

It’s Christmas Time in the City is something special, too. For one thing, Tinholme is surrounded by superb musicians who amplify and balance Tinholme’s jazzy vocals. The instrumentation is distinctive, well-executed, and never crowds Tinholme. Second, the jazz treatments here are deliciously tempered; everything is perfectly proportioned. The arrangements are creatively jazz-infused, conveying a sense of welcome familiarity and even fun (particularly on Sleigh Ride). Nothing frenetic here; the atmosphere is sophisticated, but comfortable and a bit introspective.

For jazz fans, there is much to savor here. My personal favorites? Oh, I must include Tinholme’s haunting Moonlight in Vermont and his excellent original Maybe Next Year, an anthem to our end-of-the-year resolutions. The latter track is evocative and absolutely outstanding, but much too short (only 90 seconds!).

Thank goodness that Michael Tinholme has triumphed over his personal demons to produce wonderful music like this! We all face difficult challenges in our daily lives; may we have Tinholme’s courage so that we might transform despair into infinite opportunities and success. In addition to its superior musicality, It’s Christmas Time in the City symbolizes hope and love, a very fine message to send in December and throughout the year.

–Carol Swanson
(Reviewed in 2009)

It’s Christmas Time on National Public Radio (NPR)

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you out there listening! I’m happy to say that it is indeed Christmas Time on NPR and that my CD “It’s Christmas Time in the City” is receiving great support from NPR and commercial radio stations all across the country. My singles “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” featuring Hall of Fame guitarist Steve Lukather and “When Winter Falls on New York the Whole World Knows its Christmas Time” with the great saxophonist Albert Wing are receiving airplay on both public and commercial radio stations all across the country and on stations around the world. Thanks to NPR and the support of program directors, music directors, radio hosts and radio station owners all across the country my music continues to be played around the world.  

Look for me, Michael Tinholme your humble singer-songwriter and entertainer on Barry Gaston’s Moonglow Annual Christmas Show…KMUW  that will be broadcasted on December 20, 2009 at 6pm pacific time and will be broadcasted nationally on NPR and to 45 countries around the world! I hope you will tune in for this 30 minute interview with selected songs from my CD’s. It should be a great show, especially if you enjoy hearing your humble singer-songwriter stumble all over himself in an interview.  Thank you Barry Gaston for being so kind in allowing me to talk about my music, my life and my small works with Covenant House-this great organization that is on the front lines against the exploitation of children and helping to get homeless children off the streets.

Also look for “It’s Christmas Time in the City” to be broadcasted on the Dr. Christmas Radio Show broadcasted on WRST-FM and congratulations on the 22nd edition of your Christmas show!

Also on WNYC’s flagship radio station in Manhatten “It’s Christmas Time in the City” will be featured during their holiday broadcast schedule and on so many other great NPR and commercial radio stations all across the country. I simply would not have a music career without National Public Radio and thanks for your continuing support.

I wish all of you out there listening all the love, peace and joy possible in this holiday season and in the New Year to come.  Michael TInholme

Covenant House Receives Warm Support from the Music Community

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I’m very grateful to the folks at National Public Radio (NPR), JAZZIZ Magazine, All About Jazz, Magnet Magazine and broadcasters across the country for lending their support to Covenant House by contributing free ad space and broadcast time to promote and support the works of this organization that makes a positive real world impact for homeless and exploited kids living on the streets. These folks were quick to come onboard and to support me in my humble efforts with Covenant House and I’m very grateful.

I never intended for my experience of being homeless to be the center piece of my music career, nor do I want it to be. It does not define me but I can’t run from it either. I did discover finally, that being homeless as a kid had become inextricably a part of the person that I am-for better or for worse. Truthfully, it has always been a source of shame and an example of my own personal failing. It was probably the main reason why I ran away from a music career, years ago. My experience does not make me an expert. I am just the sum total of my experience and the wonderful people who have contributed to my life and changed my thinking and my heart. As long as I can do anything to help Covenant House and repay the goodwill from the many people who helped and invested emotion and time in my well being, so that I may now enjoy the blessings of this wonderful life, I will do whatever I can to help.

I’ve often been asked, what was the hardest thing about being homeless? Certainly, being hungry, cold and constantly on the move was miserable and unpleasant, but I think the most damaging thing that happened to me was when I became invisible. When people look through you without seeing you it has a devastating impact on the human psyche and spirit. The support from NPR, JAZZIZ Magazine, All About Jazz, Magnet Magazine and broadcasters all over helps make these kids and their desperation more visible to all.

Thank you for Supporting Covenant House. They really do open doors for homeless youth.
Michael Tinholme