July, 2009

“A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”…On its way to the United Kingdom!!!

Monday, July 20th, 2009


Blue Planet Records is releasing “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,” as a single with “Make Someone Happy” as a bonus track, as well as “The Party’s Over” all available on iTunes, Napster, Amazon.com and other retailers around the world.

The plan was Harry and Peg were going to retire to their dream cottage outside of London. Sadly that did not come to pass. I recorded “Nightingale” for you dad.

A special single pack CD of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Squre,” “Make Someone Happy” and “The Party’s Over” is on its way to thousands of radio stations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, and stations around the world.

Tom Fowlers arrangement of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” and “The Party’s Over” are absolutely brilliant and wonderful as are every one of his arrangements on “The House of Jazz.” Bruce Fowler’s trombone solo followed by his brother Walt Fowler’s trumpet solo on “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” is pure magic.

When I first heard these great classic songs spring to life, conducted by Bruce Fowler and played by that big beautiful orchestra, I just couldn’t wait to sing these great songs. And when I did finally sing them it was like being enveloped in some idealized romantic cinematic Woody Allen head space. I wish I could feel that way all the time.

Thank you for listening,

Michael Tinholme





Thank you Formula Team and all my friends

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Thank you Concetta Halstead for directing all of my design work. Concetta Halstead has worked for Capital Records, designed the Frank Sinatra box set as well as the Beatles Anthology Edition and I’m honored to be associated with her, Dee Eldridge and the rest of the Formula team. Thank you for making my love letter to New York City my CD “The House of Jazz” come to life.

Not only am I fortunate enough to be working with some amazing musical artists but I’m also fortunate to have Concetta , Dee and Kate Miles directing my creative efforts. In early October I was laid flat on my back from a car accident with five tracks still to be completed for the release of my Christmas CD “The Lost Christmas Card.” While I was out of it on drugs (prescribed) this team pulled together and was able to master the five tracks that we had prepared, produced the liner notes and all the artwork for the November release of the Christmas CD as well as the radio push. Had it not been for them my original single “When Winter Falls on New York the Whole World Knows it’s Christmas Time” would not have received airplay during the 2008 holiday season.

Circumstances in my life recently have given me time to think just how far I’ve come and how fortunate I am to have a lot of talented and good people supporting me. Which is really astonishing to me since I’ve been a loner pretty much all of my life. When I began my music career that completely changed and suddenly by merely pursuing what had been my dream for all my life my life opened and I had friends and wonderfully talented people supporting and encouraging me. Obviously these people have no taste and eventually they will see the error of their ways but right now I’m a very lucky guy who not only receives support from his team but also from a lot of good friends that I’ve made in this process. From my buddies at the post office who helped me get the huge mailing out, to my mechanic who posted my fliers in his window, to so many others who are spreading the news all over the country, yes I am truly one very lucky jazz singer.

Thank you all for everything.

Michael Tinholme