Michael Tinholme Collage
When Winter Falls on New York Cover

When Winter Falls on New York

Year Relased: 2008

(The Whole World Knows it’s Christmas Time)

After the autumn colors turn and fade
And winter falls on New York
That’s when the cold winds blow
All through the crowds on Thanksgiving Day
So kids every where know
That its Christmas time
Its Christmas Time…
From the Yuletide fare in Union Square
To Grand Central’s holiday rush
To windows where
Children stand and stare
And dream of Santa’s midnight flight
A gentle cold wind that blows, through the soul
The falling snow and the whole world knows
The winter frost is here again
And it lingers in the air
And there’s a lighter feeling
In every one, everywhere, all over New York
New York City, on a winter’s night
Is a magic place
Handsome cabs where lovers play
Ice dancers lighting up the dark
A string of taxis cutting through the park
To a tavern all painted in lights
Take a taxi down any street.
Through any neighborhood strung in lights
And you will find
The winter air has warmed the way
To look for that perfect gift of peace and joy,
For loved ones a world away
When winter falls on New York
The whole world knows
It’s Christmas time

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