Michael Tinholme Collage
The House of Jazz Cover

The House of Jazz

Year Relased: 2008
Produced By: Michael Tinholme
Co-Produced By: Tom Fowler and Dennis Moody

"The House of Jazz" taps into every musical style: Jazz, Rock, Blues, and the touches every human emotion. This landmark CD unfolds like a score to a major feature film about the longing for love and justice followed by hope and renewal

An all-star cast of world-renowned musicians!

Bruce Fowler: Music supervisor/Conductor/Arranger/Composer/Horns
The Dark Knight - American Gangster - Pirates of the Caribbean

Tom Fowler: Co-Producer/ Bass
Ray Charles - Jean Luc Ponty - Frank Zappa

Dennis Moody: Co-Producer/Recording engineer
Diana Ross - Missy Elliott- Babyface

Jeff Babko: Keyboards
Jimmy Kimmel Show- James Taylor - Robben Ford

Bill Cunliffe: Piano
Frank Sinatra - Joshua Redman

Mike Miller: Guitars
Chick Corea - Bette Midler - Queen Latifah

Gary Novak: Drums
Alanis Morrisette - Natalie Cole - Chick Corea

Walt Fowler: Horns, Orchestrator
James Taylor - The Holiday - American Gangster

Wayne Bergeron: Trumpet
Diana Krall - Michael Buble - Quincy Jones

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