Michael Tinholme Collage
Lady Stardust Cover

Lady Stardust

Year Relased: 2020
Produced By: Michael Tinholme and Dennis Moody

Recorded at Hollywood's iconic Paramount Recording Studios, the tune features pianist Mike Garson, a collaborator with Bowie for more than 35 years. The track also featured top LA session artists, including: Gary Novak (drums), Mike Miller (guitar), Brandon Fields (sax), Edwin Livingston (bass), and Billy Steinway (keys).

Tinholme attended David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars Tour on March 10, 1973, at Long Beach arena in California. This changed everything. Tinholme says:

"He, his music, his band...captivating! It was theatrical. It was spiritual. It was liberating."


Michael Tinholme - Lead Vocal
Mike Garson - Piano
Edwin Livingston - bass
Mike Miller - guitar
Gary Novak - Drums
Billy Steinway - keys

Backing Vocals:

Raffia Ford
Marissa Rawlins-Bradfield
Nita Whittaker