Michael Tinholme Collage

American Singer-Michael Tinholme weaves magic and success in the UK & EU with release of 3 New Classic Songs

Artist: Michael Tinholme Album: The Romantic Lead Single: A House is Not a Home (ft. Brandon Fields) F.F.O. Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr.

A symphonic masterpiece and masterclass.

The ballad of the Century
Prepare to be transported by the dulcet tones of master singer-songwriter Michael Tinholme as he weaves a tale of love for Mayfair’s iconic location on his one-in-a-million rendition of A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. A timeless song brought to life for the here and now, Tinholme’s rendition explodes with velvet passion as he claims the Great American Songbook classic for his own!

‘This one is for my Dad.’ -MT


“From my earliest memory I have dreamed of singing “Make Someone Happy” The song has called to me since I was a kid. To have recorded it, is a dream realized."
Michael Tinholme

Tinholme’s music is a cinematic experience!
3 New Classic Songs
Songs just ripe for the movies!
From International Recording Artist
Michael Tinholme

Michael Tinholme’s Story is the stuff dreams are made of,
or legends. It’s the stuff that happens in movies!
Tom Berg USA Today
Featuring Brandon Fields
(Streisand-Elton John-Quincy Jones)

‘I would like to dedicate “A House is Not a Home” to the memory of Luther Vandross. Oh Luther! What romance you could inspire in the wee hours listening to you.

Generations of kids are walking this earth inspired by the magic spells you could make, and everybody knows what I’m talking about!!” Michael Tinholme

It begs the Question…
How is this story and this great music possible?

From one man
one great singer,
one Incredible Story!

Tom Fowler-Bass (Ray Charles, Zappa)
Gary Novak-Drums (A. Morriset, Natalie Cole)
Mike Miller-Guitar (Quincy Jones, Boz Scaggs)
Bill Cunliffe-Piano (Sinatra)
Brandon Fields-Saxophone (Streisand, Ray Charles)
Walt Fowler-Trumpet (James Taylor)
Bruce Fowler-Trombone (Zappa, Lion King, Dark Knight)
Michael Tinholme-Vocals
Orchestra conducted by Bruce Fowler
Concert Master Gina Kronstadt

‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’
‘A House is Not a Home’
‘Make Someone Happy’
CD ‘Singled Out’
From Singer-Songwriter Michael Tinholme
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