The House of jazz

Road trip with Dad

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Off for the road trip with Dad. My Dad and me have talked about this trip for way too long. Truth is, music was always his first choice for me after he saw me play professionally. No matter what I was doing for work or milestones I thought I had met, he and everyone else in my family would ask, “what are you doing with music?” Facing this long postponed road trip made me see finally that what I was avoiding wasn’t a road trip with my Dad. This time it would be different though, I was taking him a copy of my CD “The House of jazz”.

We took off to Memphis and saw the Gibson Guitar Museum, and Dad was going to buy me vintage Gold Top Les Paul until he found out it was 20 grand, damn! Then Stax Records Museum of Soul, We went Sun Records didn’t see Elvis, but Dad hit on the tour guide, she was cute. Then off to Nashville and the Country Music Hall of Fame and everywhere and I do mean everywhere we went my Dad told everyone I was making a record and with who. It made me feel great.

I saw where I was born for the first time and a home that I can barely remember living in. We drove for miles all over the countryside of Kentucky and Tennessee by the Cumberland river and the Old Man Mississippi River listening to the music we use to listen to all the time in the old days. I loved it, now I’m looking forward to our next road trip.