I can’t believe it an orchestra!!

Monday, February 18th, 2008

The orchestra session and I got no sleep at all. I showed up at Stage and Sound Recording studios early around 8:00am the place was already a buzz placing the chairs for the orchestra and the over head microphones running wire. I thought to myself, Wow this all for my CD, I think it was probably the first time in the whole process where I felt the same excitement I knew when I dreamed big as a kid. Bruce put me to work immediately handing out music to everyone. Then he said you “now you got to give a speech” I don’t know what I said, but think everyone in the studio could hear and feel just how excited I was and how much this day meant to me.

It was a great to watch Bruce conduct, the music sounded so wonderful to me. Every arrangement went beyond my imagining. Tom and Dennis did a hell of job. All the players really brought their best, it was a pleasure to watch. And you don’t mess around when in Dennis Moody’s control room as one guy found out, when Dennis had him thrown out on his ass. You could really see why each of these guys is at the top of the game in the music business.