Shirley Miles, thank you for sharing in my dream. We miss you.

It’s wonderful to have music that I loved making playing on the radio and I do appreciate and thank all of you out there listening. It truly is a dream come true.

Dreams are a funny thing, at first they belong to you alone. Then, if you’re lucky or blessed, people enter your life and dare you to do more than dream. It’s these people who change your life and make hope real. For one who naturally discounts the possibility of a good outcome, I can truly say that I owe everything to these angels who loved and supported me, and who have changed my life so wonderfully.

Shirley Miles was one of those people who dared me to push past my own fears in a sea of people (including myself) telling me to quit. Without her help and encouragement, none of this wonderful and dramatic change in my life would be possible. Thanks Mom for everything.

We miss you.

My Love Always,

Michael Tinholme


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