Xsamba (The Xcentric Samba) My New Dance Single on the Radio Around the World and in the Hottest Dance Clubs Everywhere!

September 1st, 2010

Michael Tinholme Xsamba Single

While I’ve been in rehearsals, Blue Planet Records has been preparing the release of my new original dance single, Xsamba-The Xcentric Samba, which features some amazing virtuoso guitar work by guitar master Mike Miller, sizzling hot trumpet from Walt Fowler and a burning hot band of legendary musicians.

•  Bass: Tom Fowler
•  Drums: Gary Novak
•  Trombone: Bruce Fowler
•  Trumpet: Wayne Bergeron
•  Percussion: Ray Yslas

Arrangement by Mike Miller and Nathan Inouye

Xsamba: The Full Story (the dance track) features a sexy voiceover from acclaimed Columbian Artist/Painter Martha Moody.

Xsamba is on its way to the Top DJ’s and Mix Masters at the Hottest Dance Clubs Everywhere!

Prior to its general release Blue Planet Records is also releasing my new original action packed dance single Xsamba to hundreds of the top DJ’s at the hottest rave and dance clubs around the world. Xsamba is on the way to the very top DJ’s at the hottest dance clubs everywhere!

Michael Tinholme Xsamba Dance Track

Xsamba on its way to Radio and Television Stations

& Music/News outlets around the world!

On September 10th Blue Planet Records will be releasing my new dance single “Xsamba” to radio stations, television outlets and Music/News Media around the world.

Xsamba the Real Story

This song came out way beyond my expectations, especially the dance track. And the arrangement by Mike Miller and Nathan Inouye is a killer. I’ve always been a big fan of Latin Jazz and Latin Rock-n-Roll. The artists that come to mind are of course Herb Albert, Arturo Sandoval, Sergio Mendes, Tito Puente, Carlos Jobim, Sting, Carlos Santana, Marc Anthony and Shakira.

I guess you could say that this song is about the missteps of romance and how exciting but yet frustrating the pursuit of love can be. To all of you out there listening I hope your romance or the pursuit of it is more exciting than frustrating and perhaps a little Xcentric.

Thanks again for listening,
Michael Tinholme

“Brother Can You Spare a Dime” Re-Release and On the Radio Around the World!!

July 6th, 2010

In the last few weeks Blue Planet Records has re-released my single “Brother Can You Spare a Dime”.  Thousands are on their way to radio stations in every corner of the globe. In March of last year Blue Planet Records first released this single to College Radio and National Public Radio and then to commercial radio all over the US and Canada, where it’s received continuous radio airplay.

College Radio and National Public Radio here in the states were the first to broadcast my music. I really want to thank College Radio and NPR stations all over the country for first airing my rock-n-roll remake of this classic song.  Any notoriety and air play that my music has received on commercial radio first began with College Radio and NPR. I simply would not have my music on the air anywhere without their support.

I recorded this song a few years ago, now.  I’ve played and sang it at the piano for years. The song spoke to me and my own story in a way that I haven’t been able to write in a song myself, at least not yet.

I have received comments from many of you out there listening who have reached out to me from Warsaw Poland, London England to Paris France, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal and from listeners in places in between. I guess “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” is one of those great songs allot like “Amazing Grace” that is universal and timeless in its message. 

I think this songs message is hopeful and powerful because it reminds us all that we are more alike than different. And that happiness can be a very fragile thing, no matter where you come from or what you have. And, that when times get hard as they seem be everywhere around the world right now it is our brother and our neighbor that we can truly count on.

I want to thank all of you out there for listening. I wish you everything wonderful.

 -Michael Tinholme-

Thank you Kate sZatmari for Shooting Me!

June 4th, 2010

Over the last several weeks my representation has had me busy with all those non-musical activities needed to promote my upcoming live performances across the country.  Which brings me to the photo shoot.

You would think that someone in the entertainment business would enjoy having their picture taken but the truth is that I’ve always dreaded it. As I’ve mentioned before, any sentence with the word ‘shoot’ in it, as in ‘photo-shoot’ sounds intimidating to me! And it seems that every photo that I have ever taken is a series of red eyes, or an astonished ‘deer in the head-light’ look.  That was until recently when I met a great and gifted photographer by the name of Kate sZatmari. It’s Either that, or she’s extremely good at retouching photo’s.

But seriously, after spending a day with photographer Kate sZatmari, it was very clear that I was in the hands of and working with a gifted artist, with a well trained eye and a great sense of composition. I don’t believe that I’m over stating her ability and I sincerely think that years from now people will put her in the same league as, Annie Leibovitz and Herman Leonard.

It’s either that or I became much better looking over night. Thank you Kate sZatmari for making me feel so comfortable and making me look much better than I am. But still less than I deserve.

Kate, only you shoot me (with a camera) from now on.

Thank you,

Michael Tinholme

OC Register Interviews Michael Tinholme

April 19th, 2010

BPR Logo.jpg


LOS ANGELES-April 19, 2010 – OC Register Interviews Michael Tinholme

International recording artist, singer, songwriter and entertainer Michael Tinholme’s star continues to rise. His emotionally charged singing and writing style continue to find an enthusiastic audience around the world and Michael Tinholme is receiving recognition from news and media outlets all around the globe.

MT 4-10 Standing by Window

Singer Michael Tinholme at his home studio. Over the last two years, Michael Tinholme has recorded music with some of the best musicians in the world. Now he’s preparing to go on tour. ANA P. GUTIERREZ, FOR THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

The front page feature article and expose in the OC Register ( by columnist Tom Berg, chronicles the amazing story of our beloved recording artist Michael Tinholme, and his journey from homelessness to professional recording artist working with today’s most accomplished and renowned musicians in the world today.

Blue Planet Records wants to thank program directors, music directors, radio and television hosts all across the country for their continued support of our artist Michael Tinholme. Because of you Michael Tinholme’s audience now reaches around the world.

Blue Planet FilmWorks / Blue Planet Records / Blue Planet Mix

Serving the entertainment industry for over a decade

# # #

Congratulations and terrific work! Bruce Fowler and Barry Braverman

April 2nd, 2010

While I’ve been writing and working on my new CD that will be coming out later this year, as well as rehearsing the band and getting ready to go out on the road in just short weeks from now, two greatly talented people that I happen to know and call friends and have had the great privilege to work with have been busy at continuing to turn out what is just terrific work.

On March 28th I was very fortunate to attend the world movie premier of the new feature film “Seducing Charlie Barker” directed by the very talented director Amy Glazer, produced by Lynn Webb with the movie score by acclaimed film scorer, musician, conductor Bruce Fowler. The film score features an all-star ensemble of some of the greatest jazz musicians on the scene today. “Seducing Charlie Barker” is a sophisticated character study and an examination of human frailties and the many blind sides of some very intelligent people.  This film is defiantly in the great tradition of one of my favorite directors Woody Allen and the film has already received awards and I’m sure will be a favorite to many.

Barry Braverman is widely considered to be one of the top cinematographers, camera man and experts on film production and film technology in the movie business today. Barry is well known for his work on 60 Minutes, HBO, and his work alongside the director Wes Anderson and many others. He is one of the leading educators on how to create impactful, memorable stories in the visual medium with today’s leading camera technology-both digital and film. It’s a great pleasure to congratulate my good friend Barry on his new book “Video Shooter: Story Telling with HD Cameras (2nd Edition)” which is read and used in film schools around the world.

Congratulations and continued success to both of these great talents!

Michael Tinholme

It’s Christmas Time in the City – One of the best of 2009

January 10th, 2010

Happy New Year! I hope all of you out there listening had a wonderful Holiday and are excited about this New Year.

The best Christmas present I got this year was hearing my music on the radio! “Happy Christmas – War is Over” with that great guitar solo by Steve Lukather, received a lot of airplay over the holidays as well as my original Christmas single “When Winter Falls on New York” featuring the great saxophonist Albert Wing.

I’m also happy to say that my CD “It’s Christmas Time in the City” was voted one of the best Christmas CD’s of 2009 and was featured on the Dr. Christmas radio show, the Christmas Radio network, NPR and commercial radio stations across the country and around the world. I especially want to thank for including “It’s Christmas Time in the City” in its list of Best of 2009 Christmas CD’s.  I’m just thrilled and honored to be included on the same list along with great artists such as Bob Dylan, Chris Squire, and Petula Clark and thank you Christmas Reviews for putting my Christmas CD right next to one of my favorite artists, Sting.

I want to congratulate my co-producers; Dennis Moody and Kim Hansen, for their great work on the CD as well as Tom Fowler, Walt Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Mike Miller, Gary Novak, Bill Cunliffe and the rest of the cats for their contributions.

Thanks JAZZIZ Magazine for featuring my Christmas CD in your winter issue and for your support of my career in your fall issue. All About Jazz, Magnet Magazine and you for your continuing support. And I want to thank all of these publications for donating free ad space and for supporting my efforts with Covenant House.

I want to wish all of you out there listening a great 2010!


Happy New Year!

January 4th, 2010

During the Christmas season I had the good fortune of being interviewed by Barry Gaston of the National Public Radio Moonglow program that goes out to over 45 countries around the world. Here’s an MP3 of that 30min interview. Thank you National Public Radio, program directors, music directors all around the globe and all of you out there listening for your continuing support.

 MT Moonglow Interview 12-09

Have a great New Year!

Michael Tinholme

December 15th, 2009

Our Review More

Michael Tinholme

It’s Christmas Time in the City

Summary: Traditional exploration of classic jazz standards and one original 

Its Christmas Time in the City CD CoverSinger/songwriter Michael Tinholme has a remarkable personal story, caught between homelessness and privilege. Happily, Tinholme’s fortunes have been on the upswing since 2007, and his It’s Christmas Time in the City is a lovely, rather traditional exploration of classic jazz standards (and one Tinholme original) for the holidays.

Tinholme’s vocals are unique–he sounds like a cross between Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Singing with warm emotion, Tinholme’s slightly nasal tone and stylized pronunciation have a distinctly New York feel. Years ago, I lived in the Big Apple, and listening to Tinholme’s grand renditions put me in Rockefeller Center, admiring the dramatic, towering Christmas tree and the iconic ice rink. Ah, Christmas time in New York City is something special indeed!

It’s Christmas Time in the City is something special, too. For one thing, Tinholme is surrounded by superb musicians who amplify and balance Tinholme’s jazzy vocals. The instrumentation is distinctive, well-executed, and never crowds Tinholme. Second, the jazz treatments here are deliciously tempered; everything is perfectly proportioned. The arrangements are creatively jazz-infused, conveying a sense of welcome familiarity and even fun (particularly on Sleigh Ride). Nothing frenetic here; the atmosphere is sophisticated, but comfortable and a bit introspective.

For jazz fans, there is much to savor here. My personal favorites? Oh, I must include Tinholme’s haunting Moonlight in Vermont and his excellent original Maybe Next Year, an anthem to our end-of-the-year resolutions. The latter track is evocative and absolutely outstanding, but much too short (only 90 seconds!).

Thank goodness that Michael Tinholme has triumphed over his personal demons to produce wonderful music like this! We all face difficult challenges in our daily lives; may we have Tinholme’s courage so that we might transform despair into infinite opportunities and success. In addition to its superior musicality, It’s Christmas Time in the City symbolizes hope and love, a very fine message to send in December and throughout the year.

–Carol Swanson
(Reviewed in 2009)

It’s Christmas Time on National Public Radio (NPR)

December 11th, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you out there listening! I’m happy to say that it is indeed Christmas Time on NPR and that my CD “It’s Christmas Time in the City” is receiving great support from NPR and commercial radio stations all across the country. My singles “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” featuring Hall of Fame guitarist Steve Lukather and “When Winter Falls on New York the Whole World Knows its Christmas Time” with the great saxophonist Albert Wing are receiving airplay on both public and commercial radio stations all across the country and on stations around the world. Thanks to NPR and the support of program directors, music directors, radio hosts and radio station owners all across the country my music continues to be played around the world.  

Look for me, Michael Tinholme your humble singer-songwriter and entertainer on Barry Gaston’s Moonglow Annual Christmas Show…KMUW  that will be broadcasted on December 20, 2009 at 6pm pacific time and will be broadcasted nationally on NPR and to 45 countries around the world! I hope you will tune in for this 30 minute interview with selected songs from my CD’s. It should be a great show, especially if you enjoy hearing your humble singer-songwriter stumble all over himself in an interview.  Thank you Barry Gaston for being so kind in allowing me to talk about my music, my life and my small works with Covenant House-this great organization that is on the front lines against the exploitation of children and helping to get homeless children off the streets.

Also look for “It’s Christmas Time in the City” to be broadcasted on the Dr. Christmas Radio Show broadcasted on WRST-FM and congratulations on the 22nd edition of your Christmas show!

Also on WNYC’s flagship radio station in Manhatten “It’s Christmas Time in the City” will be featured during their holiday broadcast schedule and on so many other great NPR and commercial radio stations all across the country. I simply would not have a music career without National Public Radio and thanks for your continuing support.

I wish all of you out there listening all the love, peace and joy possible in this holiday season and in the New Year to come.  Michael TInholme

Covenant House Receives Warm Support from the Music Community

December 4th, 2009

I’m very grateful to the folks at National Public Radio (NPR), JAZZIZ Magazine, All About Jazz, Magnet Magazine and broadcasters across the country for lending their support to Covenant House by contributing free ad space and broadcast time to promote and support the works of this organization that makes a positive real world impact for homeless and exploited kids living on the streets. These folks were quick to come onboard and to support me in my humble efforts with Covenant House and I’m very grateful.

I never intended for my experience of being homeless to be the center piece of my music career, nor do I want it to be. It does not define me but I can’t run from it either. I did discover finally, that being homeless as a kid had become inextricably a part of the person that I am-for better or for worse. Truthfully, it has always been a source of shame and an example of my own personal failing. It was probably the main reason why I ran away from a music career, years ago. My experience does not make me an expert. I am just the sum total of my experience and the wonderful people who have contributed to my life and changed my thinking and my heart. As long as I can do anything to help Covenant House and repay the goodwill from the many people who helped and invested emotion and time in my well being, so that I may now enjoy the blessings of this wonderful life, I will do whatever I can to help.

I’ve often been asked, what was the hardest thing about being homeless? Certainly, being hungry, cold and constantly on the move was miserable and unpleasant, but I think the most damaging thing that happened to me was when I became invisible. When people look through you without seeing you it has a devastating impact on the human psyche and spirit. The support from NPR, JAZZIZ Magazine, All About Jazz, Magnet Magazine and broadcasters all over helps make these kids and their desperation more visible to all.

Thank you for Supporting Covenant House. They really do open doors for homeless youth.
Michael Tinholme