John Lennon’s “Happy Christmas-War is over” by Michael Tinholme featuring Hall of Fame guitarist Steve Lukather and an All-Star Band

The world has changed a lot since John Lennon’s passing. Where once poets and artists spoke truth to power no matter the party now we live in an age where poets and artists line up on the Its Christmas Time in the City CD CoverRight and Left to call each other illegitimate.  No longer do we hear artists calling for unity now they ask us to choose a side. John Lennon was a special artist and poet in that he took no political sides and he imagined for all of us the freedom to express our individual views and interests without fear and reprisal. His music tells us that as human beings we are so much more alike than different and all people have legitimate concerns and points of view. He also understood that people take political sides, and while it might serve the political power brokers, this shouldn’t make people on all sides of todays issues and all people of goodwill adversaries. And as he observed while nations are separated by physical boarders it shouldn’t mean that they are natural enemies and that war is not the answer.

For people all across our country and around the world these are very challenging times to live in. People are struggling everywhere to live and take care of their families and to get through another day of the world’s turmoil. While the political artists, pundits and commentary are trying to tell us that we are more divided then ever and ask us to choose sides, I believe we all know that we have to come together. This is the spirit that lives in John Lennon’s music. This is the unavoidable message that will endure through the ages.   To you out there listening it was a great joy to record John Lennon’s classic “Happy Christmas-War is Over” one of my favorite songs. I hope this re-release will remind us all of what we have in common and I wish you all Peace, Joy and Everything Wonderful.

Thank you for listening.

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