“It’s Christmas Time in the City” Released 10/30/2009! Great classic holiday songs with an all-star band

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 It's Christmas Time in the City

 Featuring the singles

A remake of

John Lennons Classic “Happy Christmas(War Is Over)”

With Hall of Fame Guitarist Steve Lukather


 “When Winter Falls On New York

The Whole World Knows It’s Christmas Time”

With Legendary Saxaphonist Albert Wing


 “Silver Bells”

With Solos by Walt Fowler and Mike Miller

 We all remember listening to those great Christmas records by Nat King Cole, the Beatles, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. It was important to me that “It’s Christmas Time in the City” be in the tradition of those great holiday recordings and that it create those warm romantic holiday feelings that we all treasure and wish for at the holidays. 

There are some rich and remarkable performances on “It’s Christmas Time in the City” by a list of legendary musicians and artists that I am thrilled and honored to be working with.

Dennis Moody is simply one of the best engineers and producers out there.

– Guitar master Mike Miller created absolute magic with every solo.

 – Walt Fowler’s trumpet playing on “Silver Bells” and the rest made the whole thing hip

–  Bruce Fowler’s trombone help set the romantic tone for the entire CD. 

–  Bill Cunliffe is an amazingly gifted pianist and his solo’s are rich and exciting.

–  Kim Hansen, who also co-produced my CD, is an absolute genius who wrote beautiful arrangements for “When Winter Falls on New York”, “Silver Bells,” “The Christmas Song”, “O Holy Night” and “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” and he played his Christmas bulbs off.

–  Tom Fowler is one of the best bass players in the world and he also wrote some great arrangements. His playing is warm and romantic. I’m honored to be working with him.

–  Gary Novak is simply one of the greatest and innovative drummers in the world and his playing on the CD is slamming.

–  Percussionist Ray Yslas added those touches that make the whole CD sound ‘wintery.’

–  Ralph Humphrey is on that same short list of great drummers. He came in and played some great drums on “Silver Bells” and it was an honor to work with my drum teacher from the old days. 

–  Albert Wing is one of the best saxophone and horn players in the world and he played great solos on both “When Winter Falls on New York” and “The Christmas Song”.

–  Steve Lukather is a multi-Grammy winning world renowned guitar master and his guitar solo on John Lennon’s classic “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” is absolutely moving. Steve Lukather was just recently inducted into the Musician Hall of Fame in Nashville just a few days after he recorded his great guitar track for my Christmas CD. Everyone associated with my CD wants to congratulate him on this great accomplishment. I am so honored to have this legend playing on my CD and to have made music with him.

To you out there, in whatever town, village or city that you are in Thank You for your support and for listening. In this season that we all want to promise so much, I wish you all the love, peace and joy possible. My love and best holiday wishes to you all.

— Michael Tinholme —

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