September, 2007

Photo Shoot, I know I’m gorgeous, damn camera!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Photo shoot, now there is two words to get your blood pumping.
Any sentence with the word “shoot” in it just sounds threatening to me.
I know I’m gorgeous and everything, it’s just that cameras don’t seem capture that fact. And I hardly believe that I’m an “uncooperative subject!”
It’s just that those lights were hot, and what does putting my hand under my chin have to do with anything. A thousand exposures and not one shot I can use. HOT make-up girls though.

First vocal session

Monday, September 17th, 2007

First Vocal session, O.K. so I’ll admit it may have snuck up on me a bit.
When we started this CD I thought to myself, I’ll do a little CD off the radar and that will be the end of it. Then Tom and Dennis recruit the fricking A-List artists and players to play on my CD. I may have over estimated my vocal abilities just a bit when I was preparing for my time to shine. I must have because I had just finished one of my attempts on a cut, when I see Dennis Moody stand up. Now Dennis is a tall fellow, I notice he had perturbed look on his face as all 6 foot 47 inches of him tore through one studio door then another, and all of sudden he was standing over me saying “do you know what were doing here? “Ah yes” I replied. “Then go work on your shit” said Dennis.