“It’s Christmas Time in the City” helps benefit Covenant House


Blue Planet Records and I would like to announce that $1 from every CD sold online and 15% of all downloads of “It’s Christmas Time in the City” by me, your humble singer songwriter Michael Tinholme, will go to benefit Covenant House.

We all see that these are times that are trying for all of us. The economy is putting more pressure on families all across the country and around the world. More families are breaking up every day. More children are pouring onto the streets and more children go missing every day. There are those in these times that seek to exploit the innocent.

Covenant House has always been a place where kids on the street know that they can phone or run to for protection and to lift them up. Covenant House confronts bravely those exploiters and traffickers of innocent children and is on the front lines in helping children get off the streets.

 A few years ago I was given a wonderful gift, a career making music with some of the best talented musicians and artist in the world. I hope you will believe that I know how greatly fortunate I am. I must confess however that the Christmas season has not always been my favorite time of year. There were several Christmas’ that I spent as a teenager with nowhere to live. Thankfully there were people that came into my life who changed my thinking and my heart. I am very grateful to Covenant House for what they do and for allowing me to contribute. I wish Covenant House all the success possible in their great efforts.

To you out there listening I’m proud to say that with your purchase of “It’s Christmas Time in the City” and by supporting Covenant House you are making a positive, solid, real world impact on children who really need your help. Thank you.

I wish you all love, peace and joy and many wonderful blessings.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Michael Tinholme

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